The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is definitely one of the best smartphones that Samsung has ever created. Yes, we all remember the blunder of Samsung Galaxy Note7. The current generation of Galaxy Note8 is the biggest Galaxy Note ever and just like the Galaxy S8, it now features a big design change and of course more refined and better features than its smaller flagship brothers. So what do I think about Samsung’s best flagship smartphone to date? Check out our review of the smartphone below

Like the Galaxy S8 but even more solid

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a solid smartphone. Is the design very similar to the Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note8? It’s premium and the best smartphone that Samsung has ever made. It has a chunkier build as the Galaxy Note8 features a more squarish design but the smartphone is still ergonomic despite its size because of its curved and an almost bezel-less design.

Holding the smartphone isn’t a problem. Whether you’re holding the smartphone in portrait or landscape, the Galaxy Note8 is comfortable to use despite its infinity display that features a curved glass with a very thin bezel.

The best thing that Samsung has to offer over the new iPhones is the Audio jack. Yes, Samsung has chosen not to ditch the audio jack. Also, Samsung has included AKG earphones out of the box which is, by the way, has an amazing performance.

The Galaxy Note8 also features a dedicated hardware button just for Bixby which is placed on the left side of the smartphone just below the volume rocker while the power button of the smartphone is on the right. To remove the S-Pen from the smartphone, all you need to is to press it down then you can easily slide and remove the S-Pen.

One of the things that I don’t really like with the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the placement of the fingerprint scanner however, Samsung decided to still place the fingerprint scanner of the smartphone just beside the camera which smudges the camera of the Galaxy Note8 easily.

The speakers of the Galaxy Note 8 is amazing. It’s great and one of my favorites, however, I still prefer the stereo speaker of the iPhone 8 Plus. Regarding connectivity, I didn’t have any problems with calls, texts, and the LTE is fast. The GPS was on point too and I’m really happy about it.

Amazing Big Display

Last year’s Galaxy Note7 display is already good. The Galaxy Note8? It’s great. And yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 has the best display that you can find on a smartphone. I love it. The colors are good and the quality of the display is just the best. Watching videos on this one might not be ideal because of it’s 18.5:9 display aspect ratio which means that the smartphone is taller and narrower even compared to other new smartphones.

Whether you’re using your smartphone outside or in a bright condition, the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is great. It’s amazing and it is really the best among smartphones. For S-Pen users, it might be a little odd when drawing or sketching on the GalaxyNote8 as this one has a curved display, it’s a little bit weird to draw or sketch on the edges of the display.

But overall, the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is really damn great.

Powerful Exynos processor inside

Inside the Samsung, Galaxy Note8 is an Exynos processor inside along with 6GB of RAM. And yes, you don’t have to ask me regarding its power as the smartphone is powerful AF. You can run any games and applications on this smartphone without any problem.

Yes, the smartphone still uses the same TouchWiz UI being used in other smartphones. If you’ve used the Samsung Galaxy S8 before, it’s basically the same processor but this time we got a bigger RAM which means that the smartphone can handle more applications and games simultaneously which is a good thing. Yes, surprisingly, I didn’t experience lags and crashes on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 which of course is a good thing.Galaxy S8 before, TouchWiz UI being used in other smartphones.

There are also some features that are exclusive to the Samsung GalaxyNote8 like the Live message which lets you create live drawings and scribbles which is really helpful when making plans, directions, and some cute stuff that you can post on Facebook or Instagram.

The S-Pen is solid. It’s easy to use and the pen is just accurate whatever you want to use it for. It’s really great for productivity especially for annotations and also for just scribbling ideas. It’s also easier for highlighting texts on Office applications and also on web pages thanks to the S-Pen. The S-Pen really helps in increasing my productivity whenever I’m using the Galaxy Note8.

The Camera is AWESOME

I was blown away by the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and with the Galaxy Note8?It’s amazingly good great. This is also the first Samsung smartphone to sport a Dual-lens camera and just like the iPhone, the camera of the Galaxy Note8 can do 2x zooming. Oh and the quality? It’s really great. Actually, I’ve used the smartphone for taking product shots instead of my DSLR. Check out the shots that I took using the smartphone.

In my recent trip to Japan, I didn’t bother to use my Sony A5000 as the Galaxy Note8 can perform really better. The live focus mode of the Galaxy Note8 can do really well however, there are some cases in where the bokeh and its edges don’t do its job well as the edges aren’t right and the blurring wasn’t that good. But overall, the camera of the Galaxy Note8 is just amazing. Well, you just saw its sample shots and I’m pretty sure you’re amazed at it.


The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is probably the best Android smartphone that you can get right now. It has a great camera, amazing performance, and a really beautiful and premium design. Yes, the smartphone might be expensive but it’s the best smartphone that Samsung Android has to offer, also, you gotta love the S-Pen of the smartphone and yes, there’s headphone jack.




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