In the latest Ookla Q3 2023 Mobile Performance Report, Smart emerged as the leader in delivering the fastest median mobile download speed in the Philippines. Moreover, with a median download speed of 35.56 Mbps, Smart outpaced its competitors, solidifying its position as a provider of high-speed mobile internet services.

Q Mobile Performance

Smart Leads the Way

Speedtest Intelligence data for Q3 2023 revealed that Smart was the undisputed frontrunner among the top mobile operators in the Philippines. Smart’s impressive median download speed of 35.56 Mbps set it apart from the competition, showcasing its commitment to delivering customers a superior mobile internet experience.

In the same report, Smart’s competitors, Globe and DITO, also had their performances measured. Globe performed respectably with a median download speed of 22.42 Mbps. Meanwhile, DITO, another key player in the Philippine mobile telecommunications industry, achieved a median download speed of 19.53 Mbps.

Smart’s Ongoing Commitment

Smart’s consistently high download speeds are also a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to providing top-tier mobile internet services to its customers. In addition, these impressive speeds empower subscribers to enjoy smoother online experiences, from streaming and gaming to staying connected with friends and family.

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Source: Speedtest Global Index Report


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