The Nationals returns for its 4th installment, and this time, it brings Call of Duty: Mobile Philippine Open 2022.

With this, the league has invited CODM players nationwide to grab their chance to become the next champion. The Nationals season 2022 will feature a series of grassroots tournaments, leading fans, and players to the Pro League.

The tournament will start with its Challenger and Academy tournament series. Grassroots and student gamers will be able to compete for a chance to become part of The Nationals pro teams.

Players from these winning teams will move on to the Draft. This is where the pro teams can select them as part of their rosters for the Pro League. The Pro league teams are not limited to drafting a few players but can also sign in full teams.

The Call of Duty: Mobile Philippine Open powered by The Nationals started its first Challenger series tournament last August 20-21, 2022. The top 4 teams of this tournament moved on to be part of the draft series in September.

Meanwhile, The Call of Duty: Mobile Philippine Open powered by The Nationals is also done in partnership with esport and video game event organizer, Gariath Concepts. Gariath Concepts has been The Nationals partner since its first season in 2019.


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