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Xiaomi bags Institutional Investor’s Asia Executive Team Awards for 5 consecutive years

Xiaomi has secured multiple accolades in the prestigious Institutional Investor Asia Pacific (Ex-Japan) Executive Team Awards for the fifth consecutive year.

The brand has emerged triumphant in the “2023 Asia Pacific (Ex-Japan) Executive Team” awards in the Technology Hardware sector, clinching the top position in several categories. The company’s outstanding performance has also earned it recognition for Best CEO, Best CFO, Best Investor Relations Professional, Best Investor Relations Program, Best ESG, and Best Board.

This remarkable achievement marks the second consecutive year that Xiaomi has attained All-Star status by securing the first-place ranking across all six categories.

Exceptional Leadership

Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi, Mr. Lei Jun, has been honored as the Best CEO, demonstrating his exceptional leadership skills and strategic vision. Meanwhile, Mr. Alain Lam, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, has received the accolade for Best CFO, highlighting his financial expertise and contributions to the company’s success. Additionally, Anita Chen, Director of Investor Relations and Capital Markets, got the Best Investor Relations Professional award for her exceptional communication and engagement with investors.

Leading in Corporate Governance

Xiaomi has also excelled in corporate governance, earning top rankings in Best Investor Relations Program, Best Investor Relations Team, Best ESG, and Best Board categories. This recognition showcases the company’s commitment to transparency, effective communication with the capital markets, and sustainable business practices. Xiaomi’s consistent presence in the rankings since its stock market debut reflects the trust and confidence it has garnered from investors.

Commitment to Excellence

Mr. Alain Lam, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Xiaomi Corporation, expressed gratitude for the prestigious awards, emphasizing the company’s dedication to open and effective communication with the capital markets. He also highlighted Xiaomi’s commitment to adapt to the evolving business landscape while generating enhanced value for investors and partners across various sectors.

Rigorous Evaluation Process

Institutional Investor magazine’s All-Asia Executive Team survey is a highly respected benchmark for superior corporate governance standards. In addition, a rigorous evaluation process determined the rankings, with thousands of analysts, fund managers, and researchers participating in the voting. The 2023 survey considered the performance of companies from February 2022 to January 2023, ensuring the legitimacy and credibility of the awards.

Industry Recognition

With participation from a significant number of portfolio managers, buy-side analysts, and sell-side analysts, the 2023 Asia Pacific (Ex-Japan) Executive Team survey involved 1,608 nominated companies across 18 sectors.

Xiaomi’s success in the awards also reaffirms its position as an industry leader, respected for its financial disclosure, services, communication, and commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

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