Soon, Manila city residents will be enjoying the financial assistance and benefits from the Manila City government as they tapped PayMaya to power-up its all-in-one citizen ID card.

With their all-new PayMaya-enabled ID cards, they’ll be able to get their stipends from the city government directly to the card which makes it more effecient and hassle-free for the PWDs, senior citizens and single parents.

“We are happy to partner with PayMaya for this groundbreaking initiative for the city of Manila, which will help empower some of the most vulnerable citizens of our nation’s capital. Utilizing financial technologies to deliver efficient and transparent government services is in line with our goal of transforming Manila into a ‘smart city’ of the future,” Domagoso said.

Just like a regular PayMaya card, users will also be able to use it for different financial service once you link it to the app. You’ll be able to access the discounted airtime load for all networks, accessible bills payment, QR and even card payments in PayMaya-enabled stores, restaurants and groceries. You can also send money without a hassle with PayMaya.

This is a great step for the citizens of the City of Manila as they’ll get their allowances without a hassle and they can also use it to enjoy PayMaya perks and promos.  If you’re a citizen of City of Manila, you may inquire about these services at your local LGU offices.


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