Want to have a healthier lifestyle but can’t give up rice for every meal? The new Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker is for you!

With Cherry’s latest kitchen product, Filipino consumers can now make the typical chore of cooking rice more rewarding. The device is perfect for those who want to have a healthier lifestyle, as it comes with a low-carb rice feature and patented rice water draining technology that separates the sugar from rice.

It has eight cooking methods, as well, allowing users to prepare various kinds of rice and different dishes, such as Thai rice, Pearl rice, Brown rice, Normal Rice, Porridge, Soup, Steam, and Warm.

The new Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker also sports an elegant white exterior with a touch panel display, adding more style to your kitchen. It is equipped with automatic power-off protection, preventing dry burning.

The device has a huge 5L capacity, too.

The new Cherry Low Carb Rice Cooker is now available nationwide for the price of just Php4,500. You can also get yours at www.cherryshop.com.ph.


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