Grand Theft auto IV for PC is almost 2 days away from now!. And I can’t wait to see the newest Grand Theft Auto IV on PC. That video on top is a video editing tutorial that I got from GTA GAMING… More After the jump

GTA IV PC is so cool that they got a in-game video editor. And I think the in-game video editor is far more better than the windows movie maker lol. Because you can control the speed of the movie, change the camera view & you can even put some effects on your movie and many more!.

BTW, there is also a online multiplayer matches where there are 32 people can join, a custom game browser, The Independence FM which is the custom radio and more.

Grand Theft Auto IV will be release on December 2. As of now, I haven’t find any pc cheats for Grand Theft Auto IV, Obviously because it isn’t out yet lol. anyway if you didn’t know yet the minimum requirement of grand theft auto IV PC. Just check this out


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