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Huawei G8 Review

Huawei have been a pretty strong and recently, their devices are really enticing thanks to its beautiful design and more powerful performance. Their growth is massive and their smartphones have really become better this year. And today, we’ll review their newest midrange smartphone that is really good, the Huawei G8. Check out our review below.


Design and Construction

Huawei G8 11

Not only does the Huawei G8 looks great but it really feels good too thanks to its metal design. At the front, there are no buttons and there’s the 2.5D glass which makes the smartphone clean while at the back, you can see a clean full metal design with the fingerprint scanner and the camera along with the Dual-tone LED flash

Huawei G8 6


The sides features a flat chamfered edges which makes the smartphone a little bit difficult to hold if you have small hands but nonetheless, I really like the feel and the build of the smartphone. Maybe it’s just me because I’m a big fan of smartphones with metal build but the Huawei G8 is really good.


Huawei G8 5

Huawei G8 7

But of course having a good design comes with a compromise because the Huawei G8 doesn’t have a removable battery but don’t worry about the expandable storage because the Huawei G8 still supports that however, you have to choose between having a dual-sim or a sim card with MicroSD card because one of the MicroSD card slot also functions as a sim card slot.

Huawei G8 12

Below the smartphone is where the speaker grill is located with just an average sound quality but I was actually expecting more from this smartphone when it comes to audio quality. This smartphone also supports USB OTG if you want to transfer your files from your flash drive to your smartphone.

Huawei G8 3

One thing that I really notice about this smartphone is this smartphone has a really good LTE connectivity. This is one advantage of having a Huawei smartphone since the infrastructure of our telcos are made by Huawei. The smartphone is blazing fast whenever I’m trying to download or just to browse anything on the internet.



Huawei G8 4

Another thing that I love in the Huawei G8 is its display. It has a typical 5.5-inch Full HD display which is common these days but the Huawei G8 is a little bit different because this one has the best 5.5-inch Full HD display that I’ve seen. It’s bright and the display is really good. Actually, the display looks like a 2K display at first. Although you might not notice if you have a black background on the smartphone, there’s still a black bezels on the smartphone. Yep, don’t get fooled with that very thin white bezel on the sides.


Software and Performance

This isn’t the first Huawei smartphone that I’ve tried but this is the first one that I’ve reviewed. Huawei calls their UI as the Emotion UI and for those who haven’t tried this, the homescreen also acts as the app drawer which is more user-friendly especially for those who came from an iPhone.

Huawei G8 8

And of course, for those people who love to change their themes, you can do that on the EmotionUI. The Huawei G8 that I got was the gold one and it has a black and gold theme that looks really nice on the smartphone and in case you want something more colorful and lively, you can check out the other themes for the smartphone.

Huawei G8 9

Again, the fingerprint sensor is placed at the back of the smartphone. The placement of the sensor is very ideal for the index finger whenever you’re holding the phone but when you place the smartphone on a table, you have to pick it up to unlock it using the fingerprint sensor or you can just use a passcode to unlock it which is less convenient than using the fingerprint sensor. In case you’re planning on using the fingerprint sensor for security, the smartphone can read your fingerprint really fast. One of the fastest that I’ve tried on a smartphone.


Inside the smartphone is a Snapdragon 615 processor, 32GB of storage, and a 3GB of RAM. And for people who aren’t familiar with its processor, the Snapdragon 615 along with its Adreno 405 doesn’t do much when it comes to gaming on other smartphones but with the Huawei G8, I was surprised that most games do well compared to other smartphones especially when playing NBA 2k16. I was able to play this game without hiccups and it was really smooth at low settings and you can even set it up to the medium settings.

Huawei G8 13

The battery of the smartphone is rated at 3000mAh and it does perform really well. I was able to use this smartphone for a whole day of average use. Sometimes, I don’t even bring my powerbank with me when I use this smartphone. Not bad



Huawei G8 1

This smartphone has a lot of surprises including its camera. The Huawei G8’s 13-Megapixel Rear Camera is really good. The interface of its camera app is very easy to use too and you can do a lot from it including beauty shot and a good food shot (which is really great for Instagram). The Huawei G8 performs really great whether you’re planning on using the Huawei G8 on lowlight conditions, indoor, or outside. And yes, there’s OIS on this smartphone. Check out the shots that I took using the Huawei G8:





 Huawei G8 10

The Huawei G8 packs a lot of surprises. It’s not a flagship smartphone but it acts like one. The looks of the smartphone is really good and its performance and camera is really surprising. I think the only dealbreaker that you can see on this smartphone is its non-removable battery which is now common on most smartphone these days.


The Huawei G8 is now available and I highly recommend this smartphone for any users.

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