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HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset Review

When you want to experience an awesome gaming experience, of course, a good audio experience is needed. Why? Because how would you even enjoy a game if you cannot feel the experience and its surroundings. But of course, not only you need an awesome audio experience but also a headphone with the gaming feel and really catered for gamers. So today, we’ll review the latest headphones from Kingston, the HyperX Cloud Core.




The first time you laid eyes on this baby, you could easily feel the gaming aura inside this headphone. The design of the HyperX Cloud Core got a gamer feel and aura in it. The headphone got a large earpads with the HyperX logo in it and you can immediately feel that it’s not a cheapo one because of its premium materials.


The frame and the earpads is made up of aluminum which makes it more durable and the feel that this wont broke easily. However, despite having a metal build, the HyperX Cloud Core is light.


The headband also features a stitched with a soft cushion that feels very comfortable to the head. However, I feel that this kind of  material will wear and tear as you’ll use this headphones everytime. The earpads is very comfortable and I didn’t experience any ear fatigues when I’m using this headphone for 4 hours.


Again, the Hyper X Cloud Core is really made for gaming and yes, it works on different gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One but you’ll have the adapter for your Xbox One controller. If you’re using it on your PC and you need a longer cable, there’s an extension cable in the box and the cable has two different ends, one for microphone and the other one for the audio input.


If you don’t need the microphone and you found it annoying on the Cloud Core, you could remove it and just cover it. This mostly happens when you play offline games and you just need to experience and feel the audio of the game.


The Microphone that is attached on the headphones is flexible and it can be bent depending on your needs. It performs well when communicating and it produce less hisses and works great on online games. However, I think the microphone needed a deeper and more bass in recording but still, the headphones performed pretty good.


When it comes to audio quality, the HyperX Cloud Core didn’t disappoint. I played different games such as Metal Gear:  Ground Zeroes and you could clearly feel and hear the environment and everything in the game. There were no missing elements and everything and anything is just clear.


The HyperX Cloud Core doesn’t just work great on games but it works pretty well on watching movies too. I’ve watched the first Transformers movie on my laptop using this headphones and I can immediately conclude after watching that Michael Bay would be very happy to hear the explosions and details of his movie using this headphones.




The HyperX Cloud Core is an awesome gaming headphones. The design is durable and premium but this one is still comfortable to use. The gaming headphones also works well on different platforms such as Playstation, PC and Xbox but it isn’t recommended for mobile use due to its large design.


This HyperX Cloud Core is an awesome headphone and yes, I would recommend this one especially to gamers.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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