After weeks of unending leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung has officially teased the two devices that is expected to be unveiled soon. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be dropping this August 7 at New York City but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will be revealed earlier today.

The video above shows the outline of two devices with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 highlighting the S-Pen that can be magnetically attached to the tablet at the back and also a short reveal of the keyboard of the tablet.

There’s a smartwatch that has been revealed too and it’s highly probable that this device is actually the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 that features a clean look with a rounded watchface. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is expected to be revealed this July 31 EST while the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is expected to be unveiled this August 5 EST.



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