Both Huawei and Samsung offers three variants for their flagship series. For Samsung, there’s the Galaxy S20, S20+, and the S20 Ultra while Huawei has the P40, P40 Pro, and the P40 Pro Plus but today, we’re gonna focus on the two more affordable and smaller variants and these are the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Huawei P40.

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Huawei P40 Specifications

By just looking at the specifications, these two smartphones are really different inside. First, let’s discuss the chipset. The Exynos 990 is Samsung’s own processor while the Kirin 990 5G is Huawei’s own chipset and it does support 5G. In our initial benchmarks, the Samsung Galaxy S20 scored 519667 in Antutu while the Huawei P40 scored 483967. But of course, that doesn’t translate in the gaming performance and oh, the Kirin 990 inside the Huawei P40 supports 5G which is a big thing.

Next is the display. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has an advantage on this one as we got here a bigger 6.2-inch display with better QHD+ resolution and of course, a smoother 120Hz refresh rate while the Huawei P40 has a 6.1-inch Full HD+ OLED display. Both smartphones have a punch-hole design but the Huawei P40 has a bigger one since this one features a dual selfie camera.

For the camera, it’s a tight race as we got here a triple-lens camera on both smartphones but they do have a different implementation on both smartphones. For the Samsung Galaxy S20, we have a higher megapixel count as we got here a 64MP telephoto lens that is capable of 30x zoom along with the 12MP main camera and also 12MP ultra wide-angle lens.

While the Huawei P40 features a 50MP Ultra Vision main camera, 16MP ultra wide-angle, and 8MP telephoto lens. The smartphone is also capable of 30x zoom but the advantage of the Huawei P40 is that the smartphone has a better AI implementation that drastically improves the shots that we’re getting on the Huawei P40. For selfies, we got here a 10MP selfie camera on the Samsung Galaxy S20 while the Huawei P40 features a 32MP selfie camera with Infrared that can help in better bokeh and of course, for face unlock.

When it comes to other features, the Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a better 25W Fast Charging versus the 22.5W charging of the Huawei P40 but both smartphones will pack an in-display fingerprint scanner. When it comes to the battery, the Samsung Galaxy S20 also comes with a slightly bigger 4000mAh battery while the Huawei P40 has a smaller 3800mAh battery

For connectivity, the Huawei P40 has a big advantage as this one sports 5G in where the variant of the Samsung Galaxy S20 in the Philippines only comes with 4G LTE. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is also running One UI 2 based on Android 10 while the Huawei P40 comes with EMUI 10.1 based on Android 10 but this one is taking advantage of the Huawei AppGallery for the apps as this one doesn’t have Google Play inside.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Huawei P40 are great smartphones. They have their own strengths and the specifications of both smartphones are really great. If the features of the Huawei P40 isn’t a dealbreaker for you, then this one is a pretty good smartphone despite having an inferior camera compared to its bigger brothers as we still got here a powerful CPU, pretty good camera, 5G, and a more affordable price at Php36,990.

But if you’re into Samsung, the Galaxy S20 still isn’t bad either as we got here a powerful camera inside, a really buttery smooth 120Hz display and of course, some jam-packed features. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is now available for Php49,990.


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