For those who have a low end PC will now get a chance to experience a PUBG PC experience with PUBG Lite. The game is different from PUBG Mobile Lite, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG as this one will be exclusive for PC and it will have a toned-down graphics but the experience will be similar to PUBG PC.

This will be a separate game from PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile so you can’t do cross play on this one but thankfully, PUBG LITE will be free to play and it won’t be taxing to PC so everbody can play and enjoy this game. Here’s the minimum requirements of PUBG PC.

Since the game can run under Intel HD Graphics 4000, I’m pretty sure that a lot of shared graphics even on notebooks 2 years ago can run this game.

But of course, all we can do right now is to wait for PUBG Lite to arrive here in the Philippines


  1. Use vpn of Thailand and change your system time zone to bankok, jakarta then open pubg pc lite, then if even message comes not available in your region reconnect will surely run it up


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