Cherry Mobile doesn’t stop creating phones for the Filipino consumers. They have different phones that cater different people. They have waterproof phones that float, a watch phone that make you look like an 007 agent and even a phone that connects to your phone (Yeah, phoneception). And now, Cherry Mobile brings us the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro, a phone that brings us a gesture pen that supports pressure sensitivity to an affordable price. Cherry Mobile proves us once again that having a phone with a stylus that supports different features doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out my review after the break.

The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro only has a 5.0” display which might be quite small for some who use a stylus. The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro display looks pretty great but I was highly disappointed with the refresh rate of the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro. It was only set at 40.36 Hz. In layman’s term, playing some games like Flappy bird wouldn’t be enjoyable. When playing Flappy birds, you’ll notice that the bird moving slowly. Why? Because of the low refresh rate. A big deal breaker for some people who loves to play games.

Cherry Mobile Titan Pro looks pretty damn good. The front actually reminds me of the HTC One minus the metal body and design but the design has flaws, because the black bezel is raised over the white part. Yeah, it was not flat that’s why sometimes you’ll see backlight bleeding on the phone. You’ll probably notice that the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro’s back is still made up of plastic but it was still solid. I actually had a hard time removing and placing back the back cover of the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro.

The stylus of the phone was nicely placed at the back but the stylus design was kinda awkward. Not that really awkward, it is just because of the top end of the stylus, which makes it awkward. There’s a big bulge at the top end but that won’t distract you from writing on the phone. Just like the Stylus of the Samsung Galaxy Note, there’s a button on the stylus too, it can also be used for some features. I also noticed that the stylus was thin which makes it less comfortable when writing. When you’re writing on the display, you could notice the smooth and glossy texture of the tip of the pen and the display.

There are no special hardware features aside from the stylus that is built-in the smartphone. Despite surpassing the PhP10,000 mark, the internal storage of the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro is still at 4 GB but of course, you could expand that via MicroSD. It wasn’t really a deal breaker since most phones still have a 4 GB Internal storage but c’mon, they should’ve improve it to at least 8 GB of Internal Storage. There’s a 1 GB of RAM too which is enough

The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro is still using a MediaTek MTK6589 Quad-Core processor This year, we might see this quad-core processor for the mid-range phones. It isn’t really disappointing since the Cosmos Z2 is the only Cherry Mobile smartphone powered by an Octa-Core processor and if they used an Octa-Core processor in it, people would probably choose this over the Cosmos Z2 because of the included G-Pen. Cherry Mobile Titan Pro has a dual-sim slot, one is a micro-sim while the other one is a regular sim slot or the mini sim card slot.

The battery life of the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro was a  little bit long that I expected. On normal usage, the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro was able to last up to a normal day of usage or at 15 hours of use. I barely used the stylus that time. That’s not actually bad for me. If you’ll be using the stylus more, I bet the battery life would be shorter. The sound quality of the phone isn’t that bad but it was already acceptable. But I was hoping that the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro had a better sound quality.
The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro isn’t running on the latest Android and there is no word regarding the Android Kitkat 4.4 availability on the phone. But I hope that it’ll be updated to Android 4.4 because Google had done a great job in improving Android and lessening the fragmentation on their operating system.

There are a lot of apps that are included on Cherry Mobile Titan Pro to maximize its G-Pen. One of it is the doodle app. It basically acts just like the S-Note of the Samsung Galaxy Note and the features on the app were very similar but sometimes, when I’m drawing something on the doodle app, the phone suddenly doesn’t recognize the G-Pen which leaves a missing sketch on the drawing app.
Another feature that you would probably love on the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro is the preview. By just hovering the Gesture pen on the album on gallery or a message on the messaging app, you could see a preview of the images or the message respectively.

If you feel that the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro’s display is too big for you then you could turn on the one hand easy feature. Basically, when you turned that on, all you need is to tilt the phone to the preferred side and then the display would automatically tilt to the side which makes it easier to reach the other side of the display. A really nice feature that I would like to see on phablets. 5” display is just the right size for me that’s why I didn’t used the one hand easy feature.

I find it easier to navigate on the smartphone using the Gesture Pen or the G-Pen but unlike other capacitive stylus, the G Pen is much smoother which gives less friction compared to other capacitive stylus. Whenever I removed and use the G Pen there’s a memo app that automatically appears on the screen which makes it easier to jot down notes. But sometimes, the G-Pen isn’t responsive.

Since the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro uses a MediaTek MTK6589 and with a 1 GB of RAM, don’t expect too much on the phone. The performance is still on par with the other phones using the same chipset. Gaming isn’t the smartphone’s best feature but it could play heavy 3D games like the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at mid settings without lags. But when you turn it to high settings with advance settings on shadows, the game would be laggy and unplayable. I would still prefer a Mali-400 equipped smartphone like the MTK6582 chipset but the difference was not really dramatic. The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro got a score of 12995 at Antutu. A score expected on a smartphone with this specs and chipset.

The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro has a 12 megapixel camera with LED flash and it doesn’t use interpolation unlike the cosmos phones. But the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro’s camera was easily beaten by the camera of the Cherry Mobile Apollo and the Cherry Mobile Flare HD. The noise on the lowlight shots were very noticeable and most of shots that I took weren’t really sharp. It’s not the worst 12 Megapixel Camera that I’ve seen on a smartphone but I wish they’ve improved it more. Not really a phone that you would want to buy if you taking shots using your smartphone.

As far as I know, the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro is the only local branded smartphone that utilizes the stylus and has some special features. Some people might not like stylus or the gesture pen of the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro but artists or people who just want to draw and maximize the stylus, would definitely love the phone especially when they’re on the budget. The main deal breaker on the phone was the refresh rate. It is really disappointing, some games can’t be played such as flappy bird but a software update might come soon to fix that problem.



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