Gamer celebrities are not new these days. Paulo Avelino is a  gamer and streamer loved by PC enthusiasts. Alden Richards recently joined the PC master race with the help of PewPau. Bitoy is another gamer who entered youtube and did a PS4 unboxing. Another celebrity, by the name of Matteo Guidicelli, published a Youtube video of him unboxing the PS4 Pro sent by  Gameline! and PlayStation Asia. His unboxing went viral but not for good reasons.

In his video, he admitted that it was his first unboxing and that he’s not really good at it. The unboxing video felt like he was in a rush as he continuously tossed aside the games and other accessories.

Sponsored or not, ripping off the sleeve caused a big disturbance in the force felt by gamers and enthusiasts.”Please keep the sleeve for extended warranty service… I just broke it” as he proceeded ripping it off entirely. As of writing, Matteo Guidicelli’s PS4 Pro 1TB Unboxing gained 685,635 views with 34k dislikes and only 4.1k likes.

Matteo Guidicelli uploaded another video last June 21 of him playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In his video, he said that Call of Duty is one of his favorite games and that he’s still new to it on the PS4 Pro.


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