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TYLT Y-Charge Car charger Review

It’s very easy to look for car chargers on the streets and on the stores but there only a few chargers that feature a nice and sleek design like the TYLT Y-Charge Car chargers. The TYLT Y-Charge car charger tries to make a difference with its design and its build.

The TYLT Y-Charge car charger has a silicone outer layer with a Y shape design that separates each USB port. It’s a unique and clever design. Why? It’s simple, when you plug in your USB cables on both ports, it won’t bump or cover the other port.

If you’re using an iOS device with a lightning port, worry not because the TYLT Y-Charger comes with a lightning cable however, it isn’t long enough for the people at the backseat to use it.

At first, I really had a hard time inserting the TYLT Y-Charger to the charger port on the front dash and Y-design was very effective because the TYLT Y-Charger can be in horizontal position and it allows both the front seat passenger and the driver to charge their devices without the hassle of tangling with the other wire.

There are two USB ports on the TYLT Y-Charger and it has a 2.1A charging output while the other one is 1A. If you want to charge your device faster, use the 2.1A port especially when you’re charging a tablet.

There are a lot of car chargers around but the TYLT Y-Charger is definitely one of the most unique and stylish one. It also comes with a lightning port but I wish that they had different ports that comes with the box.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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