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XTREME unveils new blenders, multi-cooker, kettle, and induction cooker

In this new normal, a lot of us are staying at home instead of going out even on weekends as we don’t watch to catch the COVID-19 virus. So in these extraordinary times, it’s better to invest on where you stay most of your time — your home and XTREME got you covered with their latest appliances.

Their newest one is the multi-cookers that you can use to cook rice and other foods, This one comes with an auto keep warm function that can preserve the heat of your food and there’s the LED on the multi-cooker so you can know the status of the food that you’re cooking. It also comes with accessories such as scoop, measuring cup, and food steamer.

They’ve also introduced three new blenders that comes in different sizes. 2 features a plastic jar body while the other one comes with BPA free plastic bottle type. All of these products comes with anti-slip suction feet so you don’t have to worry about spilling or slipping the blender on the table.

There are new electric kettles too with one of them features a stainless electric kettle while the other one is the glass electric kettle. Lastly, there’s the XTREME induction cooker that lets you heat you meals faster. It comes with soft touch control, high temperature protection, and an 8-stage power setting.


  • Digital Multi-Cooker 1.0L – Php2,495
  • Digital Multi-Cooker 1.8L – Php2,995
  • Jar-type Multi-Cooker 1.8L – Php1,995
  • Plastic Jar Blender 1.5L – Php1,695
  • Plastic Jar Blender 1.25L – Php1,495
  • Personal Blender 600ml – Php1,295
  • Stainless Electric Kettle – Php1,495
  • Glass Electric Kettle – Php995
  • Induction cooker – Php1,995


Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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