The coolest mechanical keyboard has just arrived in the Philippines and it’s the Mountain Everest Max Keyboard. Why is it cool? well, there are a lot of reasons why. First, it’s modular hotswap keyboard which is really unique and then there are other cool features like the median dock with display dial and also the removable numpad. But that’s just the start because you can do even more with this keyboard.

Aside from the removable numpad of this keyboard, you can also plug it in on the left side or on the right side of the keyboard wherever you are comfortable. It’s no ordinary numpad as it also comes with customizable display keys at the top of it.

The core of the keyboard is a TKL keyboard as it comes with a hot-swappable switches along with two aluminum faceplates. IT also comes with cable routing channels so you can customize the cable management of the keyboard and it has a CNC milling body that provides a premium design. And of course, you can also connect it with Razer Chroma RGB to provide you with RGB sync.

It’s one of the unique keyboards out there so it’s definitely interesting and if you want one, you can now get it at Goodgame, Digital Walker website, and Shopee.


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