Google is notorious for teasing or leaking its phones ahead of launch. We’ve seen other brands do this “accidental leak” strategy. The most recent one to do this is Samsung with the Galaxy Z Flip’s price in a SuperBowl ad. The latest tease we got is the Pixel 4a revealing that it has the same launch price with its predecessor, the Pixel 3a.

The ads appear to be photoshopped, but it came from evleaks – a very reliable source. There will be several models available based on the images. Two-color variants are shown: Black on the first image and White on the second. Both sport the infamous loud colored power button.

As mentioned earlier, the Google Pixel 4a will have the same price as the Pixel 3a at $400 USD. The Pixel 4a is expected to sport a Snapdragon 730 with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, a 2GB ram upgrade versus the 3a. Moreover, 5G models for the Pixel 4a are also expected and, ofcourse, will surely cost more.



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