Largan Precision, a company specializing in providing camera lens modules for smartphones, just revealed its April 2020 financial report. Alongside the report are the company’s expectations for the next quarter. According to the data, there’s a 14% monthly decline in orders for smartphone cameras with a year percentage of 6%.

Largan Precision’s prediction for April to June of 2020 are not good at all. Samsung reduced its camera lens orders by 30 percent for the quarter. Oppo also reduced its orders by the same amount while Xiaomi is sticking to a 10 to 20% reduction. Huawei, on the other hand, increased its orders by about 5 to 10% which is due to dominance in the domestic market.

Largan revealed the decrease in orders will lead to revenues slipping as early as May for about $600 million, or about 20% more than its last year’s four-month period.

It’s interesting to see smartphone manufacturers reducing their camera lens orders in an industry where even budget phones sport 3 to 4 cameras. Either these manufacturers are reducing the orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic or they are going for a “quality than quantity”, “less is more” camera approach for their upcoming smartphone.

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